Denominational Information

About Our Denomination…

Our denomination was formed in 1973 by those who wanted to start a church that would be “Faithful to the Scriptures, True to the Reformed Faith, and Obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.”

The PCA is an Evangelical and Reformed denomination. By Evangelical, we mean that we emphasize the gospel (good news of salvation) through faith in Jesus Christ, as well as affirm other orthodox Christian doctrines and hold to the inerrancy of Scripture.   By Reformed, we mean that we are connected to the teachings of the historic church and the doctrinal beliefs recovered by the Reformation (also known as “reformed theology” or sometimes called “Calvinism”). These doctrinal beliefs are expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. All officers of the Presbyterian Church in America must personally subscribe to and uphold the teachings of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Well known ministers associated with our denomination include R.C. Sproul, Tim Keller,  Ligon Duncan,  D. James Kennedy,  James Montgomery Boice, and Francis Schaeffer.

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